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Spruce Street is NOT a One Way Street

Warning, this is a bit of rant.  So, while many Doylestown streets, including Spruce Street which is home to Garber Law, are narrow and often house parked cars on both sides of the street, they are NOT ONE WAY STREETS.  So, just because you choose to drive an oversized modern vehicle, do not plow down such streets in the middle of them as if you have a right of way or as if you are traversing a one way street.  You are not.  And you are often the cause of narrowly escaped near misses by treating them as such.  Stay on your half of the street.  Your ignorance and/or arrogance is not only dangerous, it is rude.

Cheryl A. Garber in the news…

Cheryl A. Garber in the news…

  The Pennsylvania Bar Association recently featured Cheryl in one of their publications Minute with a Member. Cheryl A. Garber is manager of Garber Law LLC, 302 Spruce Street, Doylestown. She has been a PBA member since 1999. Where did you attend law school? Temple University Law School What would people be surprised to know… Continue Reading

Garber Law Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint

We updated the building color and Mr. Lux approved! The exterior of our law firm has changed from blue to a dark gray that is more in keeping with Doylestown’s historic roots.  Parking remains available behind the building as well as non-metered, street parking.  St Paul recently began enforcing its ownership of the lot next… Continue Reading

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