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Garber Law Jury Trial Win: Know Who You Are Doing Business With

Garber Law Jury Trial Win: Know Who You Are Doing Business With

Garber Law Jury Trial Win: Know Who You Are Doing Business With

Garber Law’s female business owner client bought an MMA gym in Philadelphia, PA from a man she should never have done business with. During the sale of the business, the seller tried to defraud Garber Law’s client by changing the Agreement of Sale on his way out the door.

Business Debt: Understand the Debt of the Business You are Buying and Know if you Are Responsible to Pay It

A creditor of the old MMA gym (who alleged that the MMA gym owed him money) demanded that the new owner, Garber Law’s client, was responsible to pay his alleged debt. The jury concluded that there was No Successor Liability on part of Garber Law’s client and that as the Buyer, she did not Assume the Debts and was not liable to pay off the debts of the old gym.

Liability: Buyer Beware of Fraud!

Because the Jury found that the Seller used Fraud to get the Buyer to change the Agreement of Sale in his favor and against the Buyer’s interests to try to make the Buyer responsible to pay the old debt, the Jury found the Buyer was not liable to the Creditor to pay the old debt.

Punitive Damages

Furthermore, the Seller was also held liable to the creditor for damages and punitive (punishment) damages, in part due to the tough cross-examination of the Seller by Cheryl A. Garber.

Garber Law Trial Conclusion:

After a week-long jury trial, a Philadelphia Jury rendered a Defense Verdict in favor of Cheryl Garber’s Client.

Client Testimonial-

To be honest, from start to finish, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or attorney. That is, Cheryl Garber was practically a beacon of hope during a time in my business career when I felt that my back was up against the wall with nowhere to turn. A time in which a so-called “business partner” sought to manipulate, scam, and bully me out of our partnership.

Quite frankly, if it wasn’t for Cheryl I do not know where the situation would currently lay or if it would have ever been resolved. However, after two years of tirelessly working on my case, we finally received the verdict that we hoped for and the one we knew was right!

I would highly recommend and rehire Cheryl in a heartbeat. This woman is gritty, genuine, responsive, and downright relentless. So, if you want to win your case, call Cheryl Garber! “


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